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Depth Within Simplicity

At Beyond Design, I aim to create depth within simplicity. I like my designs minimal but layered with personal and details. Nothing is there without intention or purpose. For me, going above and beyond means detail, refinement, and color all harmoniously working together to put the awe in awesome. I don’t just pick pretty colors and call it a day, I like to ask questions so I can get to know you, your brand, and your mission with the goal of creating the perfect custom logo and design needs for you! 

I am so excited to collaborate with Dee over at in order to create truly spectacular websites that make the web a more beautiful and accessible place one click at a time. 

~ Alex, Lead Designer

The Design Methodology



Through Zoom, we will get to know each other and talk about your business. We will discuss goals, customer demographic, and digital assets (color palettes, logos, graphics).


Design Process

This is the fun part! This is where we take creative risks and work hard to invent something you’ll positively love! This process is in three rounds.


DESIGN strokes






Sweet! We did it! You have a design … now what? Implementation!

At this point, we would work with and implement your logos and designs onto a website, shirts, or business cards. 

Design Strokes

The Design Strokes

Broad Stroke

We’ll provide a large variety of different, yet custom logotypes in your preferred colors.


The goal here is not to have a perfect design, it’s to determine which direction to head.

Medium Stroke

Once we decide in which direction, we refine the design and get into focusing on the final scale and design touches.


This is when we find the right design but with a few tweaks. We are getting closer but we’re not there just yet. 

Fine Stroke

This is where we get into the nitty, gritty details. Here we are finalizing the design and making sure it is PERFECT!


We provide the JPEG, PNGs, assets, color variations. You will get a folder of all the file types.

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