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Spark to Empower

Spark to Empower Home Page

Connie Maday is breaking away as a professional teacher and starting her own company to support parents, educators, and youth with tools for becoming confident, self-assured, and realizing their highest potential.

Doula Keesha

Doula Keesha Home Page

Keesha was in need of a website to create bookings, show her clients about her services, and have a online program for her existing clients.

Movement Solutions Physio

Movement Solutions Physio new website

Michael, the owner of Movement Solutions Physical Therapy envisioned a website overhaul that had a new image, brand, logo, and was web-accessible.

Built with Wix. Google Analytics & Google My Business are incorporated into the website.

Brianna Yoga

Brianna Yoga homepage

Bri was looking for a new website host (moved from SquareSpace) and wanted to add a Chakra Course that students could purchase & watch. Together we designed her layout & course progression. Integrated with Wix Content Manager for courses, and have done retreats as well as coaching setup

Katherine Bradshaw Yoga

Katherine Bradshaw Yoga homepage

Katherine wanted a design overhaul to create a more mature brand. Website is built through Wix, integrated the app for quick bookings & zoom scheduling & payments

Space G Plumbing

Space G Plumbing home page

Space G Plumbing is a father-son plumbing company in LA and they needed a simple website.


818 Coffee new website

Impacted by the pandemic, Michael started a business of roasting coffee beans.

Website is built through Wix, store purchases is enabled & connected to shipping platforms.

Google Analytics & Google My Business are incorporated into the website and are monitored & tweaked continually.

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