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Embracing Liminality

Liminality is the period when we are at the threshold of change—between this and that—the moment in the air before we land, when both feet are off the ground. Humanity is in this stage; the changing of eras. We are about to embark on a new epoch.

Liminality is the existence between what is distinctly gone and an ambiguous future.

This brings about an uneasy emotional state to reside within. We are dithering between holding onto what we know and what we do not know. Similar to unmooring a boat, you must untie and push off – knowing the ocean may have rough seas but you must carry on, there is no choice. Unbeknownst to us, we have passed through many moments of liminality in our lives: the last summer of adolescence, the transition between jobs, moving houses/cities/countries, pregnancy, retirement. Sometimes we were able to savor those sweet moments, knowing they will be our last. Other times, we were not—they are taken too suddenly to process until looking back later.

Going through this emotional stage is essential though to get to that next one. You process emotions, have moments of cognitive dissonance, store memories. While this time may seem like a lost period for you—your mind is healing, and it is subconsciously planning. You are integrating the lessons learned, aligning your moral compass, and re-constructing your sense of self.


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