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Dear Yogis,

As this year is wrapping up, it seems that everybody is mentally ready for 2021—hoping magically all things will change and go back to 2019. As much as we want this to happen, we also must realize that many things will not go back, this pandemic will forever be a marker of the “before” and “after”. Personally, we will never go back to who we were before the pandemic. As much trauma as this pandemic has caused, I believe we are all better people than who we were before.

Experience is what you gain when things do not go your way.

We are more socially conscious + considerate of who we surround ourselves with. We have learned to listen to those with different experiences to enhance our perspective. We have exercised our compassion and consideration of others. We have been stretched internally with fear yet overcame that fear. We have adapted. We are stronger than we were in March. With that, we should be proud of ourselves. Yes, there is always more work to do, but one must also look back to see how far we’ve swum from the shore. Progress is measured not in miles but in smaller increments that make up a mile: inches, feet, yards, football fields, etc.

How far have you come this year?

Many people have nostalgic thoughts about the past; however, research shows that we idolize the past more than the present, forgetting the hardships we went through. We tend to look onto the past as a romantic period in our lives when very well, it was simlply life. What we must realize, and accept, is that many things in our life are not in our control, instead what is in our control are our actions and mental space. Yoga helps with that! Even after a single class, yoga has been medically proven to reduce negative emotions and increase positive emotions. View the research articles here: Immediate Benefits of Single Yoga Class

News! I have added a new class for December, Sculpt + Strengthen.

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