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To Count

This year we have encountered the concept of counting. Such a simple concept that quickly turns complex. 

Count has a few definitions: 

  1. To include in a tallying and reckoning (quantification)

  2. To have significance (qualification)

Regardless of what you are counting it can turn from being a measure to quantify to an opinion. And that is what we are dealing with: opinions. How to qualify and then quantify those who matter. However, realize this: You also have the power to decide if you do matter or if you should exclude yourself. Is the discussion worth getting into? Are you really going to have a discussion or is it two sets of monologues? 

Zoom out from the debates and the cacophony – see what is really at hand. Does the person want to be heard? What are they really trying to say? What counts to them?

We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak.  Epictetus

So, as we roll into America’s largest political outcome of the century and head into the holiday season – step away from the divisive banters and remind yourself of why you love those around you. Be present with those you love – show gratitude and grace.

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