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Hand Werks Design

Crafting a Digital Showcase

Michel, the creative force behind Hand Werks Design, specializes in bespoke craftsmanship, bringing unique visions to life through his exceptional skill set. However, his digital presence was not reflective of the quality and detail inherent in his work. Michel’s need was clear: a simple yet elegant website that not only showcased his portfolio but also ensured he was easily discoverable through Google.

Our approach was twofold: first, to design a website that mirrored the craftsmanship and attention to detail Michel puts into every project, and second, to optimize his online visibility through effective SEO strategies.

We chose a minimalist design for the website, focusing on high-quality images of Michel’s work to capture the essence of his craftsmanship. Each project was accompanied by a brief description, highlighting the materials used, the inspiration behind the work, and the process of creation, giving visitors insight into Michel’s approach and philosophy.

Understanding the importance of being found online, we implemented foundational SEO practices from the outset. This included keyword research to understand how potential clients search for services like Michel’s, optimizing website content for these keywords, and ensuring that all images were tagged with descriptive alt text. Moreover, we set up a Google My Business profile for Hand Werks Design, further enhancing his visibility in local search results.

The website also features a straightforward contact form, making it easy for potential clients to inquire about Michel’s services. By integrating Google Analytics, we provided Michel with the tools to monitor his site's performance, understand visitor behavior, and adjust his portfolio offerings based on user interest.

Since the launch of the Hand Werks Design website, Michel has reported a notable increase in inquiries and project engagements. His works are not only getting the appreciation they deserve but are now easily accessible to a global audience. This project exemplifies our ability to combine aesthetic design with practical SEO and digital marketing strategies, creating a platform that truly reflects the artisan’s spirit and reaches the right audience.

Hand Werks Design
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